Creative places to find essential covid PPE

Me with my mask

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As a physical therapy assistant, I have had to get creative making sure I have what it takes to keep myself safe.  I figured that while I am at it I might as well share what I have learned so here is a list of 3 things and where to get them.


My friend Ester has been making really high-quality masks for people and they are constantly sold out.  Law firms and small businesses and big businesses alike have been ordering masks with creative fabrics and designs as fast as she can keep up with.  She made one to match my grey scrubs and it looks super professional.  Check out her facebook page Breathsafe.


Me with my mask

Me with my mask

Hand Sanitizer

So, first I thought I would make my own hand sanitizer and then saw a report that people are getting it wrong too often and that it’s too dangerous.  Alcohol is still sold out anyways as of today when I checked but the stores now carry hand sanitizer made by brewing companies.  Our local brewery, Saint Arnold’s, here in Houston is making it, as are a lot of others.  They are also donating proceeds to a good cause if you go with Saint Arnold’s.  I’m not an affiliate, I just love the company.  Here is a list of other breweries making hand sanitizers, you can buy directly from their website.

Disposable Gloves

I check the stores today but was still unable to find anything other than multiple-use latex gloves.  The problem with that is that the virus sticks just as well to the gloves as it does to the hands so you really need to be changing them often to do any good.  Amazon is the only place I can find them now and honestly, I think it’s probably safer just going with a lot of hand washing for mundane tasks that don’t involve high risk.  Otherwise, let us know where you find them other than Amazon in the comments section.


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