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Creative places to find essential covid PPE

Me with my mask

As a physical therapy assistant, I have had to get creative making sure I have what it takes to keep myself safe.  I figured that while I am at it I might as well share what I have learned so here is a list of 3 things and where to get them. Masks- My friend…

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My Favorite Podcasts for Science, Tech and Side Hustles

My Favorite Podcasts

My favorite podcasts for science, tech and side hustles are how I feel better about my time management while I’m driving or working out.  I used to do audiobooks but with digital assistants getting better it’s easier than ever to use podcasts and they have evolved to be the dominant species in my environment. It…

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A Brief Overview of Reddit, How and Why to Use it

I am going to do a really brief overview here just to help new people get started.  If you want more detail, that’s another post.  Reddit is one of the top up and coming social media platforms as of now, April 2018.  While others are seeing declining use, Instagram and Reddit aren’t.  The reason is in the…

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Bitcoin is Skyrocketing, What Exactly is it and is it a Bubble?

Bitcoin Bubble About to Burst

Some Arguments For and Against Bitcoin Being a Bubble The price of bitcoin went up significantly again this week and has been going up maniacally since the start of 2017.  It was something a lot of us had about heard about occasionally before, but nothing too exciting.  I haven’t met anyone who had foreseen this and…

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James’s budget find of the day for January 16, 2017

James's budget find of the Week

James’s budget find of the day for January 16, 2017 Every week my buddy and I talk and text several times to share updates for our common interests.  We are both physical therapy assistants and went through a course on marriage preparedness to help prevent divorce.  We also happen to be tech nerds who know…

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