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How to Make an In-expensive Dark-wood Bamboo Multi-Monitor Computer Desk

Recycled folding table into handsome desk

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For this project, I took a cheap craft table we bought to use as a desk and just used a glue gun to add a wood-flooring top. You can usually get unused pieces of flooring for cheap at lumber liquidators. This is are really simple and creative way to have a handsome looking desk for a fraction of the cost.

It’s super simple really.  You just find the best deal that you like on a folding table.  Next, go to lumber liquidators or whatever flooring store is near you and asked for the open box or unused but already cut flooring.  I got some for like $10 and still have a lot left over.  We just sized it to the folding table and cut off the ugly ends with a basic saw.  Then, we used a glue gun to secure it to the table and boom!!!  A cheap table that is highly portable yet doesn’t look so cheap and portable on first glance.    The other stuff I also found on sale and added.  I may give the details of those later but here is the breakdown for the table.  I am guessing the cost of the electronics has changed already since I did this because that’s how technology works.

Estimated time to make the desk

1 hour

Estimated Cost:

Folding table: $20-40
Glue gun: $14
1 bag of glue sticks: $8
Open-box bamboo flooring: $10


$62 for the table

The other stuff I also go on sale:

-The Lenovo Yoga from the opened-box section at Best Buy

-The Monitors on sale at Office Depot

-The Webcam from


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