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My Favorite Podcasts for Science, Tech and Side Hustles

My Favorite Podcasts

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My favorite podcasts for science, tech and side hustles are how I feel better about my time management while I’m driving or working out.  I used to do audiobooks but with digital assistants getting better it’s easier than ever to use podcasts and they have evolved to be the dominant species in my environment.

It feels like they are exploding into existence faster than ever now that they have figured out how to take market share by being so high quality and easy to access.   I listen to them through my Echo dot while cooking and via an app called double twist.  I like this app because it is one app that allows me to also listen to music I bought on iTunes with my android device.  You can listen to pretty much everything between your devices with the one app.  I just wish it was more effortless in grabbing my music from each place.

My Favs

Here is a list of the podcasts I have now by category.  There are others I have forgotten about between devices but the ones from gimlet, wait what, and national public radio or BBC are usually really high quality.  My bachelors is in general studies science with a lot of physical therapy, kinesiology, psychology, and tech classes so you will see that reflected.  I also have my side hustles so I love learning how to do the numbers more effortlessly because you have to.

Tech Blogs

Innovation hub 

Innovation hub doesn’t publish new podcasts often enough, kind of like this blog but they’re good when they do, hopefully like this blog! 🙂

Should this Exist

This podcast looks at new technologies, and it is new itself and scrutinizes the consequences and benefits of tech.  Really interesting since there is always compromise with innovation and staying mindful of it is SO important.

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood

Molly Wood’s radio voice reminds me so much of my sister’s broadcast voice.  She is really good and the information is fresh and relevant but only like 15 minutes so have your device ready to load a new one right away.

Start-Up, Business and Numbers/ Economy Blogs

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

As the founder of LinkedIn and also physically, he is a big dude with a big database of experience he loves to share.  This may be my favorite podcast because it’s so well done.  If there are several new episodes of different podcasts I get most excited to hear this one.


Not my very favorite podcast because it’s sometimes so tangential.  Sometimes though it is absolutely mind blowing so I always look at the topic before listening and enjoy it about half the time.  I need my podcasts to relate to what I need to be focused on, to be relevant.  I almost never have enough time for my to do list with my side hustles and personal finance so that’s why I don’t always listen to it.

Start-up and The Pitch

Start-up is about startups and analyzes them.  It’s a fun way to learn what works.  The Pitch is like Shark Tank but in Audio, you have to learn the different personalities.  The hosts of both kind of annoy me half the time but the lessons are still there.  Not my favorite podcasts but when my favorites aren’t available they’re still good to have.


This is one of the new additions to my list and I really love it.  It feels more professional and less annoying.  I guess maybe it’s more objective and that’s why I like it.  I don’t like the whiny voices questioning subjective stuff on Startup, the Pitch and some of the NPR podcasts.   It’s about startups from TechCrunch which is, of course, kind of the voice of Silicon Valley.

The Dave Ramsey Show

My wife and I started listening to this after a boss gave me Financial Peace, for free from his church.  My wife is Thai Buddhist I guess I’d call my self a humanist.  Dave is okay for people like us because sometimes a Muslim, or whatever, calls in and he says go back to your guiding spiritual principles.  I really like that about him but when he starts yelling about how his ideas are right I turn him off.  I’m probably guilty of doing the same thing when I talk too often so I’m just thankful for what I have learned.  A lot of the stuff is common sense and a lot of it is debatable, Tim Ferris says the opposite about living a scorched earth, cheapskate life, he says you have to spend to make money.  I listen to Dave more often than Tim’s podcast so I guess it’s just subjective and whatever works, works at some point.  There are good stories and ideas for sure here.

The Amazing Seller Podcast

This is a podcast about selling on  We sell our Motion Mod chalk bags there so I listen to this because I need to not because I enjoy it.

The Venture

All about startups.  So good.

ProBlogger Podcast

I blog so I need this more than I like it, I haven’t found anything better but I don’t love it.

Health, Psychology and General Wellbeing Podcasts

The Pulse

Good news updates on the latest in health and science.  This is why podcasts are great, ultra-fresh content.

US News/ Health Check 

Same type of stuff as the pulse.  The title says it all.

TED Radio Hour 

TED stands for technology entertainment and design I think.   There are different categories if you watch the youtube version, health, tech etc.   Guy Raz is kind of annoying sometimes but it’s good.

Science Friday

All things science, one of my all time favorites.  Never miss an episode, or at least try not to.

Without Fail

Just candid conversations with people who have done hard things, like the tagline states on the website.

KERA’s Think

These episodes are like TED talks, always thoughtful dialogue.

Hidden Brain

Malcolm Gladwell type of fascinating psychology discussion.  Really good, I’d prefer a different voice but I have a tendency to not like the voice of many podcasts.

Health Check by the BBC

News on the latest in health care.  Claudia Hammond is the speaker and sounds sophisticated with her British accent.

Crowd Science also by the BBC

Also by Claudia Hammond, interesting questions from the audience, scienced thoroughly.  One of my favorites lately.

Please let me know what your favorites are in the comments and share if this helps you!

Let’s be more productive with our time.








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