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The Nikon P900 Point and Shoot Camera Review

Close up of Quinoa

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The Nikon P900 Point and Shoot Camera Review

I finally pulled the trigger and decided on the camera I wanted when I saw the images of the moon this thing can capture.  When I first got it though I had a lot of trouble reproducing it.  My wife, Mod, finally figured it out when she pushed the trigger button only half way while aiming at the moon.  Stability is also very important considering how far zoomed in you are as there is little margin of error compressing thousands of miles into a little screen and still seeing the detail.  Check out what I accomplished here.

I really dig how you can see a bat or a bird flying across the moon like a Halloween image.  The zoom is definitely my favorite part of this camera.  Here is the video showing how beautiful the images of the moon are that it takes.  I also figured out and show how to get the moon into clear focus.

So far, I haven’t had as much luck with the zooming in because once I get too close it gets fuzzy.  I think I am doing something wrong so if you have any ideas how to get in closer please let me know.  I have put some comments out asking if anyone knows.  Maybe I am just asking for too much.  Maybe I need to stand like 20 feet back like I did when I got this squirrel shot?

P900 Camera Zoom

This image has been optimized to help with load time so it’s not as sharp as the original but it shows that you can get really clean images from a long ways away.

Our main justification for buying this camera was for the close up shots.  When I first saw the video it was on YouTube at Jim’s review room.  He did a really good job on a close up of a bee’s knees, literally, he he he.  You could actually see the pollen on the bee’s legs.

If you look up the definition of cute it is small and well formed like the bee’s knees.  I think that pretty much sums up why we went for this camera.  It is also easy for anyone who wants to take great photos without learning all the fine detail because it is not a DSLR.  DSLR is a digital version of a fancy camera with lots manual controls/ adjustable variables.

Here is what we have done at our best so far.

Close up of Quinoa


With that said, we are trying to learn as much as we can including manual controls.  Check out the food photography on our food blog,  If you go back in time through you can see that we are getting better at using the camera, staging shots and using better lighting.

As always, please follow my blog, comment to let me know what I can be doing better and let me know stuff you’d like to see me focus on.


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