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James’s budget find of the day for January 16, 2017

James's budget find of the Week

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James’s budget find of the day for January 16, 2017

James's budget find of the Week

James’s budget find of the Week

Every week my buddy and I talk and text several times to share updates for our common interests.  We are both physical therapy assistants and went through a course on marriage preparedness to help prevent divorce.  We also happen to be tech nerds who know that budgeting can save a marriage.  I’m super fortunate to have met him and we decided I could blog to share the wealth for YOUR budget.  🙂

This week my buddy found a couple good deals on powerful laptops at the cheapest cost.  He tends to look at these almost weekly so if you want to keep your finger on the pulse stay tuned.  None of these companies pay us to do this, it’s completely legit.

Office Depot/Office Max has a Lenovo idea pad 110 with an i5 process or and 1 whole Terabyte of memory for $349.99 after $250, “instant savings”, whatever that ends up meaning.  That’s quite a bit of power and memory for the price.  What’s weird is that you can buy an i3, less powerful processor, for $50 more than the i5, same brand, same line.  Maybe their trying to show that when they say deal it’s legit.

I have a love of video games for times when I am a bit burnt out on work of some kind for a quick break.  It’s amazing how just stepping away from a project for 10 minutes to do something fun can help the brain shift gears.  This week I found another free game from

I first found Origin’s free game page a few years ago.  I think I stumbled upon it but I can’t remember how.  It’s an amazing deal either way and I have played the free game I got for over 1000 hours.  This week is Mass Effect 2.  I downloaded it and am thinking this may consume a visible piece on the pie chart that ends up representing how I spent my life.  Download with care, It’s habit forming!   That’s they’re point though isn’t it, gaining market share by sacrificing an old pawn.  As long as my budget and life goals stay healthy I’m happy.  🙂


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